Can-Am Is Successfully Attracting Younger Riders and Continues to Expand in 2021

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By Wade Thiel

The #1 Brand in the Three-Wheel Market

Can-Am recently invited us to a virtual press conference where the company showed off what it’s doing in 2021 and beyond. The company also discussed the fact that it has managed to attract new, younger, and more diverse riders into the industry. This is an important feat, seeing as how this is the goal of so many motorcycle and powersports companies today.

We believe that the open road should be open to all,” said Josée Perreault, SVP of Can-Am On-Road at BRP. “Those aren’t just words. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced rider or a rookie, what your ethnic background is, or if you’re a man or a woman. Everyone should be able to experience the incredible fun and freedom of riding. Our vehicles and our approach are centered in that, which is why we continue to outpace other well-known, iconic brands.”

Can-Am shared some very interesting stats, including the following:

  • ~32% of Can-Am On-Road vehicle owners are female, compared to less than 20% of current riders in the motorcycle industry as of 2020.
  • Can-Am collaborates with more than 150 riding schools throughout the U.S. and Canada as part of its Can-Am Rider Education Program (REP); 80% of the 28,000+ participants who’ve completed the REP since 2016 did not have previously have a license to ride
  • Close to 50% of Can-Am Ryker vehicle owners come from diverse communities

The three-wheel lineup from Can-Am consists mainly of two trikes: the Ryker and the Spyder. The CanAm Ryker is the more affordable, sporty, and more customizable of the two. The Spyder is more of a touring machine and designed to provide riders with something that’s fun and extremely comfortable. The Spyder RT is the ultimate touring machine, whereas the Spyder F3 is a bit more of a muscular …read more

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