Church of MO: 2010 Moto Morini Granpasso 1200

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By John Burns

Moto Morini have been rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s since man walked beside the dinosaurs, prospering then going bankrupt in equal parts for decades – possibly as a result of not bothering to participate in the US market for about the last half century. Known for booming V-twins, just like another famous Italian builder from Bologna, Morini never quite achieved Ducati’s level of success in the modern era, but that never seemed to stop them from trying. Last we heard, the company was swallowed up by the Chinese Zhongneng Vehicle Group, in 2018. Ten years on, we mourn the passing of the Morini Granpasso 1200, fully secure in faith that if Morini doesn’t rise again, we’ll eat our cappello. Take it away, Tor.

Adventure in the fast lane

By Tor Sagen Oct. 19, 2009
Photos by Alberto Strada
Not many people get to ride a Moto Morini which is a shame as the Granpasso features the most macho V-Twin since Suzuki’s TL1000S. The angry grunt exiting the exhaust placed on the left side gave me an early indication of the fun ahead. Granpasso is fun, fast and comfortable. How did they do that?Moto Morini launched its Bialbero CorsaCorte engine into the adventure segment last year with the Granpasso 1200. Just a year later and Morini has launched an upgraded version. 1200cc V-Twin engines are versatile beasts and the Moto Morini line-up features a naked sport (Corsaro), the Scrambler and now the adventure bike Granpasso.Changes include new Excel wheels capable of rolling with both more weight and knobby tires. Improved ergonomics include a lower seat height and new handlebar that can be adjusted more easily for a wider range of riders. The footpegs are new as well and feature removable rubber inserts making it easier for off-road riders when extra grip is needed for …read more

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