[REVIEW] Sena 5S Bluetooth System

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By Bruce Cole


Here we are, one day away from Fall, which usually means cooler nights (bug reduction protocol) and warmish days providing (hopefully) lots of opportunities to continue exploring local highways, roads, secondaries, and passable trails. We can indeed, in our COVID-19 world ride alone but together; don’t stop.

And of course, riding is required to effectively conduct new product reviews, right? Especially those related to communications – which brings us around to the subject of this review, the new Sena 5S.

The family resemblance between the SMH5 and SMH5-FM is there regarding size and looks, but the Sena 5S is smarter, faster, and provides audio that is the equal of or better than many mid to upper-tier systems on the market.

Sena and the SMH5

wBW previewed the new Sena SMH5 in February 2012 after its introduction at the 2012 Powersports Dealer Expo (now AIMEXpo) held in Indianapolis and Rick published the first formal wBW review of the product in March of that year.

Since its initial release, wBW has revisited this popular well-priced system several times, usually when Sena added new features.

In 2013, the SMH5 evolved with the SMH5-FM model introduced – adding a radio tuner feature that has truly become a standard of sorts for most Bluetooth Helmet Communication Systems and one that is appreciated by a lot of users, including this one.

This 2013 review was my first long term exposure to the SMH5 based product and while not originally convinced it had the ‘goods’ to be effective, I was won over by its style, features, function and performance, and its value pricing especially when considering everything offered and provided.

And three years ago after receiving a Dual Pack of the SMH5-FM systems, a long term in-depth review of the SMH5-FM was published in October 2017.

Since then, both the original SMH5-FM and …read more

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