[Review] HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet with Smart HJC 20B BT Headset

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By Bruce Cole


Every now and then you get to review a product or products that are so functionally design-oriented, so well built, and so utterly effective that one feels most fortunate to have gotten the review opportunity.

And while there are tons of good stuff out there, it’s still not a given that any product put under the review looking glass is going to end up in the category identified above; let me come back to this in the Conclusion.

By chance, in following up with the Revzilla rep earlier this summer, we discussed some review opportunities, and as helmets are always a good product to review (for all the obvious reasons), a few minutes on this topic ended up with the rep offering up a helmet for review – all good.

For this life-long rider, an approved helmet is an essential and critical component to the ATGATT mantra that I live by no matter the activity; personal protective equipment or PPE is not or should not be a compromise regarding function over form and, safety over style.

About a week later, a big box housing a helmet box and another product, got delivered to the doorstep. The helmet box contained a new HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet, providing what would be the first every opportunity (for me) to review an HJC helmet; firsts are good.

And along with this absolutely dazzling helmet was a Smart HJC 20B BT helmet system (by Sena), which is very impressive in its own design; there was some eagerness to get this review underway.

This submission is going to be long (or longer than normal) in that both the helmet and the companion Smart HJC 20B BT system are covered in some detail – both deserve it.

About HJC

HJC Helmets came about in 1971 and it makes helmets specifically for motorcycle riders. …read more

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