A Week with GMC’s Sierra Denali CarbonPro

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By Ryan Adams

Four years ago, I bought my first real dirtbike (the 1978 Suzuki TS185 my friends and I passed around as kids didn’t count). It was a 2009 Kawasaki KX250F modified for desert trail riding. Foolishly, I bought that bike before I had a way to transport it to the desert that it had been modified for, or anywhere else really. At that point, I hadn’t owned a truck or any other four-wheeled vehicle for nine years. As numerous motorcycles made their way in and out of the garage over that time, I hadn’t felt the need or interest to own anything more than a few streetbikes thanks to southern California’s year-round riding season.

Of course, considering my new purchase came with a red sticker instead of a license plate, it wouldn’t take long to realize that relying on others to come get me and my bike to go riding simply wasn’t a viable solution. Not long after, I bought a four-wheel-drive 1998 Ford Ranger from a co-worker. It had plenty of miles on it, but still ran like a top. Just so happens that truck was one year newer than the Chevy S-10 I bought when I was 16. Movin’ on up!

Diagonally, I could fit a single bike in its bed with the tailgate closed. To make hauling two bikes easier, I mounted a single eye-hook in the bottom of the truck bed near the cab. It was simple, and it worked. The only reason I bought the truck was for hauling bikes anyway. Sure, there are plenty of aftermarket bike bars, and chocks out there to help secure motorcycles in a truck bed, but until now, I had never heard of a truck whose bed had been specifically designed, at the manufacturer level, to make hauling …read more

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