KLIM’s New Adventure GTX Boots Touch Down

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By Chase Hadden

‘Anywhere Boots’ for Your ‘Anywhere Motorcycle’

Have you ever wore ski boots and had to walk into the lodge after a long morning to skiing to get lunch? Clunking around, minimal ankle movement etc; that’s what it feels like when wearing dirt biking boots. Adventure riders are going to need adventure answers for their adventure questions, so KLIM is more than happy to provide that.

Typically when you go out for a day of dirt biking you’re scooting around on trails and might stop for a break to eat the lunch you stuffed in your backpack. When you get back to the truck you take all your gear off and put your regular clothes back on…

Adventure riding is its very own beast. You’re on road, then you’re off-road, then you might have to stop for gas, you might continue on from there for a 500-mile ride to your next destination before rocketing up the side of a mountain again. The point I’m trying to get at here is that adventure riders require gear that can provide them with a swiss-army-knife level of multi-functionality bundled in.

KLIM has its new Adventure GTX boots to fill that void. I really mean it when I say these boots are everything you may need in any ADV scenario. KLIM designed them specifically with adventure riders in mind, so they’re perfect for keeping you safe on a long day of riding, while still giving you the option to comfortably wear them off the bike. Perhaps you want to stop on your journey and go for a quick hike; these boots won’t impede your ability to walk or hike at all.

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