2021 BMW R1250RT First Look

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By Dennis Chung

BMW revealed an updated R1250RT for 2021, making the sport-tourer Euro 5 compliant and adding linked ABS brakes, an optional active cruise control system and a 10.25″ TFT screen, the widest full color display yet on a production motorcycle.

Visually, the 2021 R1250RT looks similar to the previous version, but the front fairing was updated to incorporate a new angular LED headlight design replacing the round lights. The upper section is lower, giving riders a wider field of vision. BMW also tweaked the aerodynamics, reducing turbulence. The infotainment system’s radio antennas are now integrated into the fairing, further improving aerodynamics.

Like the R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure announced earlier this month, the 1254cc boxer with ShiftCam variable valve timing and valve lift has been updated to meet Euro 5 standards. Similar to its stablemates, the R1250RT claims 134 hp at 7750 rpm and 105 lb-ft. at 6250 rpm. The engine continues to use a mix of air and liquid cooling, with twin radiators helping provide precision cooling to the cylinder heads

The 2021 R1250RT receives a new Eco engine mode as standard. Eco mode, which joins the standard Rain and Road ride modes, adjusts the ShiftCam system, optimizing fuel economy and producing a gentler torque curve. BMW also offers an upgraded Riding Modes Pro which adds additional modes plus a drag torque control system (MSR) which opens the throttle to reduce instability from excessive brake slip.

BMW Full Integral ABS Pro is a linked braking system, activating both front and rear brakes when either the hand or foot brake levers are used. The ABS system optimizes the brake pressure to either wheel, taking lean angle into consideration. Dynamic traction control returns as standard.

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