Ducati Reveals the New Granturismo V4 Engine

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By Wade Thiel

An Impressive New Engine

Ducati revealed its new V4 Granturismo engine today (Oct. 15). The new four-cylinder engine has been teased over the last several weeks and will go in a new version of the Multistrada motorcycle for the company.

The new engine will be exclusive to the V4 Multistrada. While the engine is revealed today, the full bike won’t be revealed until November 4, according to Motociclismo.

The new engine makes 170 hp and 92 lb-ft of torque. This new engine also has the longest service intervals of any motorcycle out there. It can do 37,300 miles between major maintenance. This is in part due to the fact that the engine features a new spring-loaded valve return system. This is a new design for Ducati, and that paired with the new materials allow Ducati to get the most out of the engine in between servicing.

The engine also features special profiles of the camshafts and the valve lift speeds, which have been developed to obtain throttle delivery suitable to a touring-oriented engine. This engine is still supposed to be a bonafide performer, though. Power delivery should be smooth and predictable and always on-tap when you need it.

The engine has a 1,158 cc displacement. Compared with the 1260 engine in the other versions of the Multistrada, the Granturismo is 85 mm shorter, 95 mm lower, and only 20 mm wider. It’s also 1.2 kg (about 2.6 pounds) lighter.

The compactness of the engine helps keep vibrations to a minimum. This should help on longer touring rides and generally for long days spent in the saddle. Ducati also mentions a smoother, gentler sound coming from the engine, so it will be less harsh than the previous Multistrada engine. It’s worth noting that the crankshaft runs in the opposite direction as the wheels. This …read more

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