Everything You Want To Know About The Aprilia RS660 (Except What It’s Like To Ride)

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By Troy Siahaan

At long last, Aprilia has finally taken the wraps off the highly-anticipated RS660. The first model on a platform intended to be used for years to come, not unlike the RSV4, the RS660 clearly takes some cues from its superbike sibling. The thing is, in its presentation to the media recently, Aprilia representatives were quick to point out that, unlike the RSV4, the RS660 is not a track-focused weapon but rather a streetable sportbike. This is a motorcycle you can live with on track and on the street, says lead designer Miguel Galluzzi.

It’s no secret there’s a large gap in Aprilia’s product line below the RSV4, especially in the US. Europeans have the RS50 and RS125 to learn on (lucky kids), but what then? Typically this means jumping to a 600cc supersport, and as exciting as a 600 can be to some kids (I’ll admit I was in that category in my 20s), the allure fades quickly once you realize the commitment these bikes entail. The riding position is uncomfortable, their engines demand to be revved high, and you really need to ride them hard to get the most out of them.

Instead of falling for the middleweight supersport trap, Aprilia is taking a different approach to the middleweight market. It’s betting on the fact younger generations are looking at sportbikes from a different angle. There’s a reason why middleweight Twins like the Suzuki SV650, Yamaha MT-09, Kawasaki Ninja 650, and Honda CBR650 (technically a four-cylinder, but you get the idea) are so popular – they offer plenty of performance without the commitment of a supersport.

With the RS660, Aprilia is exploiting this category. At 659cc, Aprilia says the all-new parallel-Twin will make 100 horses at the crank, weigh 403 lbs ready-to-ride, and come packed with RSV4-inspired electronics that will make …read more

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