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By Bruce Cole


As the COVID-19 pandemic world continues to revolve, it is truly amazing to see how global, continental, national, and regional communities of interest have come together in responding to the pandemic; with many organizations shifting their day to day focus and getting involved in new or different activities that have both near and long term objectives.

And this includes the motorcycling community, be it individual riders, clubs, or organizations. We are a close-knit, supportive, and welcoming community that does not and has not hesitated to become more actively involved in times of need; and this is indeed a time of need.

Relatedly, some of our typically enjoyed activities have seen a drastic downturn since earlier this year and admittedly it might be some time before some of these enjoyed activities are back on our calendars. But in the interim, we ride together in spirit even when riding alone.

And riding our motorcycles is something we have been doing a lot of; as restrictions have eased long time motorcyclists, along with a host of new or returning riders have been out turning two wheels with enthusiasm, although typically not far from home. “Ride to Live, Live to Ride” pretty much says it all.

But sad to say, those who would deprive us of our rides are also keeping busy. And sometimes having other security-based solutions, no matter where the motorcycle or motorcycles are housed or how securely, can help.

There is a wide array of technology-based products available to augment the physical security aspect of things including motion detection alarms and positional (GPS) tracker systems that help protect and of course keep track of (literally) your two-wheeled investment if it decides to wander off without your permission.

Some of these devices are connected to an available interface such as the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port that is standard …read more

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