The Infamous Nevada Itinerary

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By Ryan Adams

When the email came through about a dual-sport trip to Nevada not long after getting home from Colorado, I casually dismissed the invitation. I had heaps of work on my plate and an ongoing home renovation project – both of which were already requiring more attention than I had to give. Once things started to slow down and I had completed some of the looming projects, it didn’t take long for my relentless wanderlust to creep back in. I went back into my inbox to give the Nevada email another look. The itinerary spanned 850 miles of riding over six days with a travel day on either end.

Of course, I knew the trip would be spectacular. The person putting it together has loads of experience in the area and a lifetime of GPS track logs built by putting in the time and miles exploring. Could I get away for another week with everything going on at work and home? Did I want to? If so, I’d have to convince my boss and then get approval from Evans, too. Just as I began to really consider the possibility, I remembered the stories I had heard from the last couple of attempts at this itinerary. Two years ago, the ride had ended prematurely with a blown bike, and last year, the trip was cut short due to a broken collarbone. “Hmm, maybe I don’t want to do this,” I thought. People always say bad things happen in threes and I didn’t want to be the third to have a bad break, mechanical or otherwise.

With all things considered, I decided to go for it because, well, I’m young and foolish. I’m the type that never says, no. I’ll always take on assignments, projects, etc. Maybe it’s the FOMO, or just that I …read more

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