Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

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By John Burns

Updated October, 2020

Keeping your fingers warm and touchy-feely isn’t just a comfort thing, it’s also a survival thing: You really do need to be able to apply fine control inputs to your, ah, controls, to safely operate your bike, especially when the pavement’s cold and/or wet. How are you gonna brake hard to avoid that moose if your fingers are half-frozen? You can’t modulate like Marquez with hands you can’t feel, nor gas it with finesse to escape sliding SUVs. That’s especially true if your old beater doesn’t have antilock brakes or traction control. Everybody already knows, we hope, about the value of heated grips, handguards, etc. But the first line of defense against the cold, ever since our Eskimo ancestors’ first strapped sled to a surprised group of dogs, is a nice, warm pair of gloves. Here’s a small sampling of some of the best winter motorcycle gloves available.

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