Everything You Want To Know About 2021 Triumph Trident (Except What Its Like To Ride)

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By Troy Siahaan

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.” – Mark Twain

Heritage and history are excellent attributes to replicate in motorcycling – assuming you have either in the first place. The 2021 Triumph Trident may be a new model, but it’s taking a page straight out of the Triumph history book. Let’s rewind to the 1960s and look at the motorcycle landscape of the time. The market was filled with single-cylinders and Twins from a variety of manufacturers, many of whom, unfortunately, aren’t around anymore.

The original Triumph Trident. This one is “Slippery Sam,” five-time Isle of Man Production TT winner from 1971-1975.

Looking to shake up the market, in 1968 Triumph introduced a new model: The Trident (also sold from BSA as a Rocket 3). Powered by a three-cylinder engine, it provided an intriguing alternative to the Singles and Twins of the era with performance that later went on to win at the Isle of Man from 1970-1975. Fifteen years later Triumph brought the Trident name back in 1990 with a naked bike, again sporting three cylinders.

Present Day

Twenty years on from the re-introduction of the Trident, Triumph’s at it again with a re-re-introduction. It’s starting to sound like a broken record whenever someone, myself included, goes on and on about the joys of the middleweight twins class, especially when it comes to bang for your buck. Hitting that Goldilocks zone of power, performance, and price, any rider over the past two …read more

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