Church of MO: 2000 Kawasaki EX500

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By John Burns

Twenty years ago, brethren, Kawasaki had already been stamping out EX500s for 13 years, a process it would continue right up until 2009 and the Ninja 650 replacement. For most of those years at the height of the superbike wars, a famed Editor-in-Chief of a Major Motorcycle Magazine, King Arthur of Friedman, was known to proclaim that the EX500 was all the motorcycle any sane street rider could ever need. Luckily for us all, sanity did not rule the day. King Art was crazy, but he may have been right. And he only ever wanted what was best for you kids. A reading from the MOrinthians, with the Apostles Mini and Clavin. Amen.

Just like a REAL motorcycle.

Torrance, California, August 18, 2000 — It’s a natural human response, really. Like Keeping up with the Jones’ we always want something just a little bit bigger, a little bit louder and, where motorcycles are concerned, something a little faster.Sure, it’s a good idea to start out on a Kawasaki EX250, a Honda Rebel 250 or something similar. But what was once a thrilling mode of transportation can eventually become nothing more than a tool as a rider becomes more proficient and the machine (not the rider’s skill level) becomes the limiting factor. Then it becomes time to step up to something a little larger that will allow you to pursue the outer edges of your personal talent envelope with help from a comfortable, confidence-inspiring motorcycle.

The new GSX-R750? Well, it sure looks the part. No need to jump the gun, though, and step right into the fire. After all, you’re trying to grow your skill level and not your medical bills, right? As capable and sexy as a race replica is, it’s still way too much bike for most people. Don’t rush, take your …read more

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