2021 Can-Am Ryker [Model Overview]

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By Joe Appleton

The 2021 Can-Am Ryker Offers Affordable Fun On Three Wheels

The Can-Am Ryker is an entry-level three-wheeled trike from Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Recreational Products and their sub-brand Can-Am Motorcycles. This low-cost machine is one of the most exciting models in the 2021 Can-Am line-up. It’s affordable, powerful, and tremendous amounts of fun. What’s more, it’s versatile and highly customizable, with a configuration and displacement to suit almost any rider. For 2021, the Can-Am Ryker is available with two engine options:

The European-made Rotax ACE 600cc engine is a fuel-injected, in-line two-cylinder powerplant that produces 50 horsepower and 36.7 lb-ft of torque. It is a powerful but manageable engine that’s ideal for entry-level riders.

The Rotax ACE 900cc engine option is a fuel-injected triple-cylinder beast. It offers superior performance to the smaller engine, with 82 horsepower and 58.5 lb-ft of torque on tap. For riders who opt for the 900 cc engine, there are two selectable rider modes included: Eco and Sport. The Sport mode is ideal for those who enjoy drifting…

No matter what engine you choose, automatic CVT transmission comes as standard, offering easy twist-and-go riding, and an uncomplicated ride experience. In fact, “uncomplicated” is the buzzword here. The Ryker also features a low-maintenance experience thanks to the use of a drive shaft, and tool-free adjustability to allow for easy customization.

Other awesome features for this unique three-wheeler include traction control, ABS, a D.E.S.S (Digitally Encoded Security System) anti-theft system, and hill hold control.

For 2021, the Can-Am Ryker is available in over 22 different color options.

The 2021 Can-Am Ryker starts at $8,799 USD / $11,099 CAD.

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