2021 Zero DSR Black Forest Edition [Model Overview]

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By Chase Hadden

2021 Zero DSR/BF: The Apex Predator of Electric ADV Motorcycles

The 2021 Zero DSR/BF (Black Forest) is the highest level available from Zero when it comes to dual-sport/ADV style bikes in their 2021 lineup. The bike is tailored to ADV enthusiasts and comes complete with all the accessories and features needed to keep up with its gas-powered ADV rivals.

The DSR/BF takes the standard DSR model and brings a load of new features such as a trio of SW MOTECH Trax Ion Quick mount aluminum carrying cases, adjustable windscreen, and crash bars while sharing most of the other parts found on the base DSR model.

Zero claims that this American-made EV dual-sport bike is “the most capable adventure-ready electric motorcycle on the planet”, and they have every right to claim as such. There aren’t many options when it comes to dual-sport EV bikes, especially those with so many added features right from the get-go.

An $18,995 ADV bike is quite the investment when compared to its petrol-powered competitors, but there are a ton of reasons why you should take advantage of an EV ADV bike today.

If you’re planning on taking this motorcycle through its paces down some trails to clear your head on a relaxing ride through nature, the silence of an EV motor can make the experience much more enjoyable. Not only that, when you find yourself really far out in the boonies you can have the peace-of-mind in knowing that your motorcycle lacks the complex engine components that can fail and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere without cell reception. Just make sure you have enough juice in the battery.

As with all the other DS variants found in this year’s line up, this motorcycle comes stock with dirt-ready Pirelli …read more

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