2021 Zero FX [Model Overview]

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By Chase Hadden

2021 Zero FX: Trail-Shredding EV Power in a Lightweight Package

Out of the five dual-sport motorcycles Zero has in their new 2021 lineup, the 2021 Zero FX can be found at the bottom of the performance and pricing scale, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this machine is a dud; it’s quite literally insane.

The Zero FX is much like it’s street-oriented FXS brother and contains most of the features/specifications but is born from a dirtier pedigree and is your best bet when seeking an extremely lightweight bike for trail-blazing.

When I say lightweight, I really mean it. Although this model comes in 2 separate configurations (the ZF 3.6 kWh model, and the ZF 7.2 kWh model), if you decide on taking the 3.6 kWh battery configuration just know you will be truly riding the lightning with 78 lb-ft of torque being produced by a staggeringly light 247 lb (112kg) bike. For the sake of perspective, a petrol-powered Yamaha MT-09 street bike (crowned the king of torque wheelies) produces 65 lb-ft of torque from a 414.4 lb (188 kg) motorcycle. The torque/weight ratio on the Zero FX is unparalleled and can only be experienced on an EV platform, most notably any of the American-made Zero motorcycles.

Having to switch through gears to find adequate power when out on the trails (and perhaps stuck in the mud) is burdensome, but with a direct drive motor like the Zero FX has, that problem is quickly remedied with unlimited power at any rpm. How? This bike only has one gear. Fast.

The 2021 Zero DSR/BF starts at $9295 USD / $12,363 CAD

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