2021 Honda CB1000R First Look

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By Dennis Chung

Honda has updated the CB1000R for 2021, giving its “Neo Sports Café” flagship a slightly new look, a color TFT display and Euro 5 compliance, as well as a Black Edition variant. As of this writing, the new 2021 Honda CB1000R has only been announced for Europe, but we expect a U.S. announcement to come soon.

The updated CB1000R maintains the Neo Sports Café modern-retro aesthetic, with Honda giving it subtle changes that some people may not even notice. The radiator shroud and anodized airbox cover located below the fuel tank’s knee cutouts are new, noticeably smaller than on the previous version and angled forward. The rear aluminum subframe is a slimmer design but it keeps the seat height at the same 32.7 inches as the previous CB1000R.

The most notable design change is the headlight which now slants backward with a horseshoe-shaped LED. The rear lighting gains an emergency stop signal (ESS) function that flashes the hazard lights under sudden hard braking, though it’s unclear if that has been approved for use in the U.S. The CB1000R also gets self-cancelling turn signals that is based on measuring the speed difference between the two wheels rather than a simple timer.

Rounding out the design changes are the new seven-spoke cast aluminum wheels.

The 998cc Inline-Four is relatively unchanged, claiming the same peak performance figures of 143 hp at 10,500 rpm and 76.7 lb-ft. at 8,250 rpm. Honda also modified the inlet valve lift, setting it at 8.3 mm instead of the previous 8.5 mm while the exhaust valve lift remains at 8.1 mm. The PGM-FI settings were updated to help meet Euro 5 standards while smoothing power delivery and response, most noticeably in the 6-8,000 rpm range.

The 4-2-1 exhaust system is mostly unchanged, though for Euro 5 compliance, Honda did …read more

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