New Euro 5 Compliant Honda CB1000R Comes With ‘Black Edition’

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By Chase Hadden

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Just when you thought motorcycles couldn’t possibly produce fewer emissions (a Honda CB500X gets 80 MPG while my Ford pickup truck gets 8), Euro 5 swoops in and forces every OEM’s hand in updating their line-ups for the 2021 calendar sales year. In November, Honda gave us insight into the six new Euro 5 compliant models they had ready for next year, but it left us with many questions regarding what the plan was for the rest of the lineup. I went over the 2021 CB1000R teaser video, but there wasn’t much we could pull from it due to the secretive nature of the teaser itself. Today we get a better look into the official specs and changes for the 2021 CB1000R.

As showcased in the initial teaser, the CB features an updated headlight configuration, rad support, rear seat design, side plates, and some elegant 17-inch w-spoke pattern wheels that really complete the look of the motorcycle compared to last year’s shoe selection.

The new 5 inch TFT display, Honda Voice Control System, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB port (located under the seat) bring a fresh new tech-inspired energy to the motorcycle, and the ‘Black Edition’ brings the introduction of a quick-shifter if that’s something you are looking for on your new bike purchase (banging through gears-mid wheelie? Ummm, yes please).

The overall dimensions of the motorcycle will remain the same as last year with the 467 lb weight, 53.2-inch wheelbase, …read more

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