The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Women’s Motorcycle Clothing

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By Brittany Morrow

How to Shop for Motorcycle Gear

Shopping for motorcycle gear is nothing like shopping for regular clothing. Why? We’ve learned to shop for clothing based on an abundance of choices. We almost always choose regular clothing based on what we want, not what we need.

Motorcycle gear has specific functions beyond covering skin and looking good, and motorcycle gear isn’t supposed to fit or feel like regular clothing. For all these reasons, changing the way we shop for motorcycle clothing is essential to finding the right gear.

Understanding the differences between regular clothing and protective apparel made for riding is essential. Recognizing that there are very different methods used to effectively shop for each is an important step to finding the right gear for you. Use this guide to help you through the process of shopping for motorcycle gear and avoid the typical frustration that accompanies this important aspect of being a successful, stylish, and happy motorcyclist.

How Women Shop for Regular Clothing

I Like Your Style!

We pick out our normal clothing based on how it looks and feels. Every woman has a self-proclaimed style, even if that style is “whatever is comfortable.”

We usually know where to look for clothing that feeds our unique personal preferences. This system of choosing what to wear based on how it looks is not exclusive to females, but it is a dominant factor in the choices most women make regardless of their lifestyle.

All the Choices

Picking out what to wear based on the style you love works well for regular clothing because there is no lack of choice or shortage in availability. There is an abundance of clothing in every style imaginable, in every size. This means we can almost always find exactly what we want to wear, and finding it in-person where we have the chance to try it …read more

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