2021 Ducati Scrambler Nightshift

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Its retro Scrambler models have been very, very good to Ducati. Why stop now? For 2021, the new Nightshift replaces the Cafe Racer and Full Throttle, and is essentially a blend of the two. Elsewhere in the 803 cc Scrambler department, changes include the introduction of two new colors: sporty Ducati Red on the Scrambler Icon, and “Sparking Blue” livery enriched with red, and Iceberg White finishes for the Scrambler Desert Sled.
Ducati says the Nightshift, “whose name immediately evokes the atmosphere of the night, fits into the `Land of Joy’ as the ideal choice for all those looking for an essential and stylish bike at the same time, with a comfortable riding position, also in the company of a passenger and which allows its owner to experiment through customization.”Yours exclusively in Aviator Grey, the Nightshift gets a new flat seat in Cafè Racer style for two. A straight and narrow handlebar is added to the Cafè Racer mirrors, with number plates taken from the Full Throttle.

“The design of this version is characterized by the choice of a classic and authentic line, in which the sportier aspect is emphasized by the absence of the rear mudguard, a characteristic element inherited from the custom garage culture where all not necessarily essential elements are eliminated to ensure particularly clean and sporty lines.”

The wheel sizes are those of the Scrambler Icon: 18 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear, while the standard tires are the now iconic Pirelli MT60, excellent both for use on asphalt and for having fun on dirt roads.

As comfortable as a Full Throttle and as fascinating as a Cafè Racer, the Nightshift is the perfect combination of the two versions that will no longer be available in 2021.

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