2021 Ducati XDiavel Range Gets Euro 5 Updates, But Not in North America

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By Dennis Chung

Ducati has updated its XDiavel range to meet Euro 5, adding two new variants for 2021: XDiavel Dark and XDiavel Black Star (pictured above). The good news: the Euro 5 update adds 8 hp to the XDiavel’s claimed power figures. The bad news: only countries where the emission standard is in place will get the update, meaning countries like the U.S. will not see a performance increase. Further bad news: the XDiavel Black Star will not be offered in North America.

The returning XDiavel S will be returning for all markets, while the Dark model will essentially replace the regular base line XDiavel model. For North America, that means the 2021 lineup will only include the XDiavel S and XDiavel Dark, both at last year’s performance levels.

Getting the XDiavel to satisfy Euro 5 standards proved to be relatively easy, as Ducati simply replaced the silencer with a new design derived from the Diavel 1260’s exhaust. Ducati then recalibrated the engine, so the 2021 XDiavel line’s Testastretta DVT engine now claims 160 hp at 9500 rpm and 93.7 lb-ft. at 5000 rpm. For customers in North America and other non-Euro 5 markets, the XDiavel’s engine will remain at the 2020 model’s claimed 152 hp and 92.9 lb-ft.

The Euro 5 models receive a stacked exhaust design based on the Diavel 1260’s. In North America, both the XDiavel S and XDiavel Dark will get the old design with the horizontally-aligned exhaust.

The XDiavel Dark adopts a matt black paint and a blacked-out engine and frame. It lacks the S model’s machined cast wheels and the Ducati Multimedia system, and makes do with M4.32 Brembo calipers instead of the S model’s M50 brakes. Ironically, with a claimed 545 pound kerb weight, it’s 4 pounds lighter than the S model.

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