2021 Royal Enfield Continental GT [Model Overview]

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By Simon Bertram

The 2021 Royal Enfield Continental GT is a Tribute to Classic Cruisers

The 2021 Continental GT is Royal Enfield’s observance of its pivotal role in the original cafe racer scene in the 1950’s. The bike of choice, at that time, was the Royal Enfield Continental GT 250, which serves as the DNA for the new Continental GT. It’s a fantastic addition to the 2021 Royal Enfield lineup.

In terms of looks, it’s a downright tribute to a classic. The same lines, the same sturdy frame, the same large main headlight. A bump stop seat and clip-on handlebars bring the racing heritage of the motorcycle to the forefront, while the footpegs are raised and pushed back to give the rider stability while in a racing tuck. The fuel tank is modified over the standard Royal Enfield type to have recesses perfectly positioned to let your knees squeeze in as you lean the bike over to carve the next corner.

Powered by the British company’s trusty, time tested 648cc parallel-twin, it produces 47 BHP and 38.3 lbs-ft of crank torque. This is paired with a racing-ratio 6-speed gearbox, with shorter low gears and longer high gears to maximize the fun a rider will feel. 18-inch wheels front and back give excellent feedback and grip, paired with the 41mm front forks (110 mm travel) and twin coil-over rear shocks (88mm of travel).

While not as city-oriented as its brother, the INT650, the Continental GT’s favorite place to be is in its name. It’s meant to be ridden on the open road, the scenery of green grasses and mature forests lining the roads. It’s meant to be ridden where it can stretch its legs, and race between the cafes of the small towns that dot the British motorways.

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