2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP Edition Details

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By Chase Hadden

Ohlins For Your MT-09

The 2021 MT-09 with its polarizing headlight assembly was unveiled two weeks ago to join the 03 and 07 squads (all with similar headlight stylings). Now, Yamaha has taken the liberty to release some information regarding the new MT-09 SP edition.

The SP edition of the motorcycle is essentially an upgraded MT-09 with some higher quality parts and features finding their way to the bike. First of all, the SP’s suspension has been re-done with the front forks getting a 41mm KYB with a ‘diamond-like’ coating for smoother travel. This also means that the fork is now fully adjustable with adjusters giving the rider control over both low and high-speed compression settings. It wouldn’t be an upgraded motorcycle without Ohlins finding its way to the build. The rear shock has been upgraded to a full Ohlins system with a remote preload adjuster.

Beyond the suspension upgrade, the rest of the mechanical components on this motorcycle will remain the same as the standard model. The final differences come down to some electronic features; namely the cruise control system (oh, and the sharp-looking special edition livery). The Cruise control system is fully electronic and the motorcycle must be traveling faster than 30 mph in fourth gear for the system to be enabled. A quick tap on the brakes, clutch, or throttle can disable the cruise control and you can go back to the speed you had set at any time, as long as the previous conditions listed are met.

The new colour option is completely inspired by the 2021 R1, with the gold forks offsetting the …read more

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