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Once upon a time, many generations ago, motorcycle tires were in limited supply. You wanted them black, round, and capable of holding air. Well, the technology has changed to the point that there is no universal best motorcycle tire. Rather, the motorcycle tire industry developed the capability to create carcasses and tread compounds to handle very specific conditions. Hence, we have the fragmentation of the motorcycle tire market. Let’s take a look at the differing categories, but if you want to jump straight ahead to your type of motorcycle, click on the link at the top of each section.

Best Cruiser Tires

Cruisers are long, low, and heavy and need tires that can handle that weight. Naturally, cruising riders value stability and are not looking for lightning-quick turn in. Instead, they’re looking to harness the low-end torque off the line – frequently from a large, wide swath of rubber. Although cruising riders hate to get their shiny bikes dirty, wet road grip is extremely important. The look of the tread is extremely important to cruiser owners, too. It needs to look tough, wear like steel, and help out the often travel-limited rear suspension in absorbing bumps. Finally, no class of motorcycles has a wider variety of sizes. How does a 27-inch front wheel sound? Or how about pairing a 300-series rear tire with one of those huge fronts? Click here to find some of the best cruiser tires.

Best Motorcycle Touring Tires

Touring tires often have to handle big, heavy (well-packed) motorcycles over the long haul with two adults along for the ride. Then add in high speeds straight up and down on the interstate for hundreds of miles without stopping. Oh, and these riders typically don’t let rain slow them down, either. As if that …read more

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