[REVIEW] iASUS Stealth Throat Microphone

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By Bruce Cole


Real time, face-to-face communication in our COVID-19 world is or can be severely restricted and technology-based solution is more important than ever. And thankfully, for the most part, our requirements are met or being met through solutions that provide the ability to communicate in real-time, at any time, with someone in virtually any part of the world.

Communication and data technology products that can be used without compromising personal safety protocols and the integrity of infrastructure systems are in higher demand than ever before to support first responders, medical professionals, and enforcement entities, to list only three communities of many…

In addition to this escalating demand for communications and connectivity solutions among the communities identified above, there is an ever-growing continuum among all of us as consumers for products to provide, support, and enhance personal communication and connectivity devices used for both work and play.

With much of our world now covered for some form of mobile data and personal communications and the proliferation of personal communication-based devices, there is (also) a true plethora of software-based solutions for one on one or one with many communication purposes – some identified and discussed in this review.

A Segue Into Real-Time Communications

A prime-time example regarding the criticality of real-time communications was vividly displayed live during the recovery stage of the SpaceX Crew Dragon featuring the two intrepid NASA astronauts Bob and Doug upon their return to earth earlier this year.

Still sealed in the Crew Dragon module but safely aboard the recovery vessel, an hour or so passed while potentially dangerous vapours from onboard fuels were bled off so that the lowest possible readings were provided for a safe egress environment – all as it should be.

What caught my eye though was that the individuals working around the egress side-hatch and taking care of the dissipation …read more

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