When is the Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle?

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By John Burns

Well, this is too easy. The best time to buy a motorcycle is after your ship comes in, ie., when you become wealthy. As one of our favorite bucks-up bike fanatic/collectors said when asked what’s the best time to buy: “I never gave it any thought.”

When you don’t have to think about it is always a good time to buy a new motorcycle. And even if you do have to think about it, bikes are still cheap compared to most of the finer things in life, so anytime is still a good time.

“Whenever you feel like it,” says our friend Michael, who appears to be running out of storage.

For those of us not born to the manor, for whom money is a consideration, the question becomes slightly more complicated.

If you’re fortunate enough to live where there’s not a serious winter, fall is a great time to buy. You can still ride most days, but even in sunny California, the days get short, the nights grow cold, and bike sales slow.

Buying in the fall doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a fantastic deal on the bike of your dreams, though. Depending on the seller’s sophistication and bottom line, he knows as well as you his bike will be worth more in the springtime, when the sap, estrogen, temperature, and testosterone are all rising.

“Yesterday,” says our friend Trevor from Victoria, BC, who just picked up a new Suzuki GSX-S1000F in spite of rain being in the forecast for the foreseeable future on Canada’s southwest coast.

One friend in New Jersey, where they definitely have seasons, advises buy in the spring, sell in the fall. That’s when most people naturally procure their motorcycles. But others will point out that spring is also when you’ll have less selection due to more competition, and will …read more

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