Church of MO: 1995 Triumph Trident 900

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By John Burns

Lest we forget, chilluns, the new Trident on the way from Triumph is not the first time they’ve resurrected that famed monicker from the swingin’ Sixties. Here’s hoping Poseidon’s new weapon will be pointier than the last one 25 years ago, which left Brent – the rock upon which MO was built – pining for a Sportster. OMG.

Trident 900

By Mike Franklin, Managing Editor Apr. 20, 1995

With the unpopularity of “naked bikes” the last few years, it was easy to question Triumph’s sanity when they introduced the Trident 900 — after all, if it’s not a cutting-edge racer, full-dress tourer, under-5,000 dollar sporty beginner bike, or anything that looks like a Harley Davidson, it seems it’s just not worth a manufacturer’s time to produce. At first glance, the Trident looks like it could be any mid-1980s Japanese sport bike, but in fact, it is significantly better, and this bike may be the basis of Triumph’s resurrection. For those that remember the Triumph of old, hang on to your memories, for this bike has nothing in common save the name.For those that grew up with the Suzuki GS or Kawasaki KZ bikes, the Trident may strike a more familiar chord.

Make no mistake, though, this bike is much better than either of the latter. When Triumph designed the Trident, they looked at the classic design of that era and at the materials available today, and came up with a bike that is actually better than the sum of its parts.

Classic design dictated an upright seating position, exposed motor, and a large round headlight out in the open, not wrapped in plastic bodywork. Modern technology allowed wide wheels and radial tires, excellent brake and suspension components, and a reliable water-cooled motor. Together, they make for a surprisingly competent do-it-all motorcycle.

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