2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT First Look

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By Dennis Chung

Yamaha has updated the Tracer 900 GT, renaming it the Tracer 9 GT and giving it similar updates to the new MT-09 including the larger 890cc three-cylinder engine, new frame and six-axis IMU.

Visually, the Tracer 9 GT looks a little less aggressive than the 900, with a flatter face and a longer fairing. The longer bodywork is matched with a longer, adjustable windscreen, which produces what Yamaha describes as an arrow-shaped silhouette with the reshaped fuel tank cover. The full LED headlights are smaller than on the previous model, and they are supplemented by new LED cornering lights that illuminate based on the IMU-measured lean angle.

The new 890cc displacement was achieved by increasing the piston stroke by 3 mm. Yamaha didn’t provide any performance figures for the U.S.-spec Tracer 9 GT, only touting an increase in low-rpm torque. Yamaha Motor Europe, however, claims a 7% increase in torque output to 68.6 lb-ft. at 7000 rpm and a 4 hp increase to 117 hp at 10,000 rpm.

Yamaha Motor USA claims an improvement in engine efficiency, claiming improved fuel economy to 49 mpg. With a full 5.0 gallon fuel tank (0.2 larger than the Tracer 900’s tank), that works out to a range of 245 miles between refills.

The Tracer 9 GT is also equipped with an updated assist and slipper clutch and a quick shift for clutchless up and down shifting.

The six-axis IMU helps run the Tracer 9 GT’s electronics. In addition to the cornering lighting, the IMU is responsible for governing the lean-sensitive traction control, slide control, front wheel lift control and brake control systems. The IMU also helps control the Tracer 9’s semi-active suspension, adjusting the rebound and compression damping for the fork and rebound damping of the rear …read more

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