[REVIEW] iASUS REKON with XSound 3 Headset

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By Bruce Cole


In the early days, communicating vocally in real-time required a face to face encounter, and while this tried and true means of communicating has been very much impacted by our COVID-19 environment, it has not (yet) totally disappeared…but we also now have (many) other options.

Real-time communication is more important than ever and thankfully for the most part user requirements are addressed through evolutionary and revolutionary technology-based solutions providing the ability to communicate in real-time, at any time, with someone in virtually any part of the world.

Technologies and products utilized for communications and connectivity requirements that can be used without compromising personal safety protocols and the integrity of infrastructure systems are in high demand these days to support first responders, medical professionals, and enforcement entities, to list only three communities of many.

In addition to the ongoing and (escalating) demand for communications and connectivity solutions among the communities identified above, there is an ever-growing continuum among all of us as consumers for products to provide, support and enhance personal communication and connectivity devices used for work and play.

With much of our world now covered for some form of mobile data and personal communications and the proliferation of personal communication-based devices there is (also) a true plethora of software-based solutions for one on one or one with many communication purposes – some identified and discussed in this review.

Real World, Real Time Communications

As motorcyclists and road users we need to constantly communicate – sending and receiving; whether passively through observing or listening or actively as when braking, signaling, using the horn or auxiliary lights, or changing lane/road positioning. Communication in all forms is key in building and maintaining situational awareness.

Whether one rides together or rides apart (something we are doing a lot of these days although together in spirit) technology-based solutions provide the means …read more

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