SCOOP: 2021 BMW S1000R and G310R to be Announced Nov. 19

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By Dennis Chung

BMW announced today it will unveil two new 2021 roadster models in an online presentation on Nov. 19. The announcement was accompanied by the teaser image above, but otherwise no clues as to which models will be revealed.

That hasn’t stopped us from doing a little snooping, and we can now confirm that the two models will be a new S1000R and G310R. The proof comes to us from BMW itself, specifically its Belgian and Canadian websites.

On a BMW Canada landing page listing the brand’s Roadster models, there are four 2020 models listed, the S1000R, G310R, R1250R and F900R. Clicking on the R1250R and F900R will take you to their respective pages. The links to the S1000R and G310R, however, have been disabled, and even if you search for their links on Google, you’ll find that their pages come up blank.

By itself, that is suspicious, but not conclusive proof of a new S1000R or G310R. Visiting BMW’s Belgian site provides even stronger evidence. The Belgian Roadster landing page still lists the S1000R and G310R, but their URLs have changed, with “-2020” added to them:

The URLs to the R1250R and F900R, however, do not have this addition:

Even more damning, if you go to the S1000R or G310R pages, this is what you will see:

“S 1000 R – Old” and “G 310 R – Old”. It doesn’t take a big leap to connect these “old” roadsters with the teaser for two new ones. What we’ve found from BMW Belgium and Canada are signs of their respective websites getting prepared for information on the updated models ahead of their official reveal …read more

Source:: SCOOP: 2021 BMW S1000R and G310R to be Announced Nov. 19


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