Damon Motors Reveals Its HyperDrive Multi-Variant Powertrain Alongside New Models

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By Wade Thiel

HyperDrive Powertrain, HyperSport Models

Damon Motors today released details of its new HyperDrive powertrain technology. It is the world’s first 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain platform that is supposed to redefine motorcycle performance, safety, and design.

HyperDrive is a monocoque-constructed, high-voltage powertrain that offers the potential for a wide range of models and submodels. Damon released two new motorcycles for pre-order to demonstrate this technology. There’s the HyperSport SX and the HyperSport SE. Each motorcycle utilizes the HyperDrive technology at its core.

The HyperSpore SX (configured with 15 kWh) offers 150 miles of range and 150 hp. The HyperSport SE (configured with 11 kWh) offers 100 miles of range and 108 hp. Damon has teamed up with Freedomroad Financial to offer a new subscription plans. This will allow customers to easily upgrade at the end of the term to the next-generation technology without having to deal with trade-ins and whatnot.

“As we at Damon continue to reinvent two-wheel mobility, the HyperDrive lies at the heart of our innovation,” said Jay Giraud, founder & CEO at Damon Motors. “The HyperDrive serves as the nucleus of our creations and will allow us to further evolve our technology and continue to introduce the world’s most exciting and groundbreaking electric motorcycles.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the performance numbers for Damon’s HyperDrive technology:

  • 450 Nominal Volts – HyperDrive is the first-of-its-kind, all-electric powertrain designed as a platform to usher in the future of motorcycling.
  • High-Energy Pack – Liquid-cooled and thermally managed high-energy pack enables a multitude of battery capacities for various future motorcycle models and supports the HyperSport SE with 100 miles range, SX with 150 miles range, and HS and Premier with 200 miles range.
  • Track-Ready Performance – Using industry-leading cells delivering over 200 Wh/kg pack level density, all HyperSport models can deliver track-ready performance with a >3C continuous discharge to …read more

    Source:: Damon Motors Reveals Its HyperDrive Multi-Variant Powertrain Alongside New Models


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