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By John Burns

Then end of another circuit around the sun is nearly upon us, which means it’s nearly time for the annual MOBO Best Of awards. Which also makes it a convenient time to look back on what was Best 10 years ago, in only the second year of MOBOs. The new BMW S1000RR had us mixing metaphors like madmen, after it “came out swinging with a stupendous 175-plus horsepower at its rear wheel, blowing its Asian veterans out of the water by resetting a very high bar.” 2010 may have been the year the Euro-trend really began, and also the one in which we began predicting the electric’s Great Leap Forward. Ahhh, still waiting. For this week, let us all be thankful for what we do have. I’ll start: A brand new Kawasaki Z H2 in the garage. Next to a Honda ADV150. And my vintage, 2000 R1. Amen.

We select the cream of the crop, including our pick for Motorcycle of the Year

Now in its second year, our MOBO awards selections process gives us the chance to reflect on the year that was. And for 2010, the spotlights were generally shining on European manufacturers which continued to pump out desirable product while most Japanese OEMs crawled into a hole to wait out the near-global recession.Brands like Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and Triumph haven’t slowed the launching of new models, and this forging ahead in the midst of a storm has resulted in gains of market share. It’s also provided us with several interesting new bikes to ride. Perhaps most interesting of all are the bikes in the paradigm-shifting electric motorcycle movement that’s rapidly gathering momentum. Progress in this category will come quickly as new technology takes great leaps forward.

Although the two-wheel market isn’t what it …read more

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