MO Tested: Earos One Earplug Review

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By Evans Brasfield

For almost a decade, I rode with musician’s earplugs because I liked their flat frequency response. I could hear the sounds around me the way I always do – only quieter – without the muffled, muddied sound associated with lower-tech earplugs. Now, this type of earplug is all the rage in the motorsports world, and the manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the earplugs out there. Earos, with their Earos One acoustic filters (what the manufacturer calls them), have found a feature that, in my testing, makes an attractive option for motorcyclists that are interested in being able to hear their surroundings and protect their hearing at the same time. The feature is that the shape of the outer body of the earplug actually holds the earplugs in place in your ear while you wear them.

Earos One, when properly inserted in your ear canal, offers 17dB+ (NRR rated) noise protection without muffling the frequency response. This allows you to hear the world around you as you normally would, just at a lower intensity. Foam plugs, the staple of motorcyclists for generations, tend to muffle the sound, making it more difficult to hear the sounds you want to hear while you ride. Earos use patented passive filtering technology to deliver the full spectrum of sound that you typically hear.

Note how the outer body of the earplug fits in the natural shape of my ear to hold the Earos One in place.

Included in the box are one set of Earos and two sets of flanged ear inserts. Earos claims that approximately 90% of people’s ears will be properly fit with one of the two sizes of inserts. While my right ear seals perfectly with the large insert, my left ear canal proved, as it has with …read more

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