Church of MO: 2010 Honda SH150i Review

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By John Burns

Ten years ago, brethren, Honda broughteth forth to the US a scooter it claimed was the best-selling scooter in Italy. It was also designed by Honda Italy, so how bad could this sweet fuel-injected scooter be? By all accounts, the SH150i was a fine scoot, but what renders in Rome doesn’t always fly in the land of the free, and ah, I think this is the first exposure I’ve had to this particular vehicle. It’s difficult to tell in this MO Review, as all three photos of the bike are right front views, but the styling may have been just a bit too Karmann Ghia for the US, and the SH wasn’t around for long. But there is nothing new under the sun, and according to the specs (not that we bothered to publish any), that 57.3mm x 57.9mm liquid-cooled single lives on in the current PCX and ADV150s. Amen on the scooters. A reading from the book of Fonzie.

Fuel-injected scootin’

By Alfonse Palaima Jun. 26, 2009
Photos by Fonzie Video by Fonzie

Wanna put a smile on your face? Step into one of Honda’s latest imports. Direct from Honda Italy, the 2010 SH150i is just one of a few new tricks up Honda’s sleeve for the coming model year.Receiving a dose of updates in 2008, the SH sold in the European market for a few years before coming to America. The previously carbureted SH150 picked up an injector as well as roomier rider ergos. Now that Honda North America has cleared the floor of 2009s, they’re fulfilling the demand for economic and stylish rides with the liquid-cooled fuel-injected 153cc four-stroke Single SH150i. The ‘i” refers to the fuel injection of course, not “Italian-designed craftsmanship” like I had first thought.

Honda says the 150i is the best-selling scooter in Italy, of any brand, …read more

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