Shoei RF-1400 – First Look

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By Evans Brasfield

If we were presented with a rider and were told to guess which Shoei helmet that they wore, selecting an RF model would be a smart choice. The RF line has been one of Shoei’s best sellers for a generation. In fact, the first RF helmet was introduced in 1984, and the Shoei RF-1400 continues the path of incremental improvement to this ever-popular line. In the press materials below, the idea of Kaizen, a Japanese term for continuous improvement, is mentioned. Each new release in the RF family has layered new features on the previous model while still retaining the essence of the family. The same features that have made the line popular with riders also apply to the MO staff, which has collectively owned most, if not all, of Shoei’s RF line and can vouch for it being a sweet-spot helmet. The value delivered by this line of helmets has captured the hearts of riders ranging from bagger fans to track day riders and every kind of rider in between. The Shoei RF line of helmets has traditionally hit the Goldilocks price vs features point of this premium helmet, and the RF-1400 appears to be no different.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Review

Don’t look for wholesale changes in the step from the six-year-old RF-1200. (We don’t know why RF-1300 was skipped.) Instead, look for updates. The design philosophy is the same with the rider’s head being a medium to long oval in shape. The aerodynamics were revised to improve slipperiness by 4% and reduce lift by 7%. To achieve this, both the shell and the visor were slightly reshaped, though the family resemblance is still clear. The venting in the helmet top still uses three closures, but the center one gains an extra vent hole to improve airflow. The …read more

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