Three Unconventional Tire Sizes & Where to Find Them

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By Makenzie Shattler

Tires are arguably the most important part of your entire motorcycle. They are the only thing separating you from the earth’s crust on your two-wheeled travels. First, understanding how tire sizing works is necessary when looking for your own tires. Reference the image below to get an idea of what those weird numbers are on the side of your tires.

Today, we cover some of the tire sizes you won’t see every day. Whether it be for mini trail slayers or behemoth road warriors, these bikes require some “special” sizes.

So that begs the question, does size matter? Let’s find out.

Tire Size: 130/90/10

This tire size is what you’ll need to get your minibike carving through whatever magical forest or remote destination you find yourself headed to. This size is most often seen on small scooters or minibikes like the notorious Honda Z50 and CT70, and is more common on small bikes you’ll often see in Japan, the Philippines, India, etc.

Who Makes These Tires?

  • Pirelli – Pirelli has been around for 148 years and has been a household name for about the same time. They have supplied tires for not only Formula1 but also the likes of Ken Block’s Hoonicorn.

Interesting Bikes They Came On

  • Honda Z50 – The Z50M was released in 1964 and often referred to as the Monkey or Gorilla, referring to its cramped riding position. Producing 4.5HP out of its 49cc engine, it’s enough to get you around in a cramped environment.
  • Honda CT70 – First released to the US market in 1969 the CT70 or “Trail 70” is a sought after gem that true Honda collectors scoop up any chance they get.

Where to Buy

Tire Size: 2.50-8 4PR WT

Honda …read more

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