Top 5 Maxi-Scooters

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By Dennis Chung

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, lightweight vehicle for riding around town or completing short errands, scooters are an excellent choice. If you want something with a bit more performance and versatility, you might want to consider a maxi-scooter instead. Maxi-scooters, or touring scooters, offer larger engines and typically better wind protection, making a good choice as an everyday commuter or for longer distance rides.

Maxi-scooters have larger engines than regular scooters, which is usually enough to make them viable for travelling on freeways. With larger engines, maxi-scooters typically have the engine mounted into the frame instead of the swingarm. As a result, maxi-scooters tend to have a step-over design whereas traditional scooters have a flat central footboard for a step-through design. Maxi-scooters also have larger front fairings for better wind protection, as well as more storage room, both in the fairing and under the seat.

Unfortunately, the maxi-scooter selection in the U.S. isn’t as large as it is in Europe, where the likes of the Yamaha TMax, Honda X-ADV and the recently announced Honda Forza 750 are offered. Still, there are several solid choices for those looking for a maxi-scooter. We compiled a list of some of the best maxi-scooter options available, with a wide range of displacement and pricing.

Yamaha XMax – $5,699

The Yamaha XMax checks off a lot of boxes for what people want in a maxi-scooter. With a 292cc four-valve SOHC Single that claims about 27 hp, the XMax is easily capable of highway speeds. The engine is also pretty efficient, too, with Yamaha claiming an impressive 75 mpg. Fill the 3.4 gallon tank, and you’re looking at a range of 255 miles.

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