Two Ways to Skin a Knee: 2021 Honda ADV150 vs. 2021 Honda Trail 125

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By John Burns

You don’t need big bucks or big bikes to have a swell adventure. But it helps. Or, you can have a perfectly fun adventure on either of these cute little Hondas, and still be one of the nicest people at the same time, as you’re getting nearly 100 mpg and treading lightly. These days, you take your adventures where you can get them. Instead of blasting off on a multi-day ride on big gas hogs, we poked around in our own Long Beach back yard.

The ADV150 got here earlier in the year, and falls into Honda’s scooter category – as well it should with its engine aft and belowdecks, and its constantly variable full-auto transmission. Running-gear wise, it’s just like the new PCX150 we tested last year, but clad in new adventure-style plastic, with about an inch more suspension travel, and a seat that’s 1.2 inches higher to match. Also knobbier IRC Trail Winner tires, on a 14-/13-inch wheel combo.

The Trail 125, Honda classifies as a miniMoto, since its engine is in the middle where God intended, and power flows through a four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch. Sixty years ago, it wouldn’t have been classified as a miniMoto; it would’ve been classified as Honda’s only moto: This “new” Trail 125 isn’t far removed from that very first Super Cub that launched Honda to worldwide fame. Last year, Honda announced it had stamped out its 100 millionth Super Cub series bike, making it the most prolific vehicle on the planet. Honda says it produces Super Cub series motorcycles at 16 plants in 15 countries, and sells them in more than 160 countries. So why not start up selling the Super Cub 125 and Trail 125 again in …read more

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