Best Naked Motorcycle of 2020

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By Evans Brasfield

Best Naked Motorcycle of 2020: Kawasaki Z H2

Perhaps it’s time to change the category’s name since both bikes mentioned here surely classify as hyper-nakeds. With both of these bikes, you get big, burly engines mounted to aggressively styled chassis. For riders who believe that too much of everything is just enough, 2020 is the year for you in naked motorcycles. To our eyes, the Kawasaki Z H2 embodies the best of this category and achieves it through a unique powerplant, making it worthy of the Best Naked Motorcycle MOBO. When we have one in the MO Garage Complex, the boys are always fighting over it. Here’s why:

First, you take a modern 998 cc DOHC four-valve per cylinder inline-Four, which produces plenty of power for your typical naked bike, and then Kawasaki ups the ante in the form of a 69mm planetary gear driven supercharger impeller that is, thanks to five-axis CNC machining, sculpted out of a single chunk of forged aluminum. This impeller, with six blades at its tip and 12 blades at its base, is so efficient that, like all members of the H2 family, the Z doesn’t need an intercooler. The result is a claimed 197 hp of arm-stretching power. Still, as much as the Z H2 delivers mind-altering top-end acceleration, the beauty of the machine is that it is equally happy trolling around town at less threatening engine speeds. However, the chirping you hear from the supercharger on deceleration is a constant reminder at what power is available at any rpm – with just the twist of the wrist.

2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Review – First Ride

But be forewarned, when you pull the Z H2’s tail it does everything short of taking flight. Fortunately, it has the five-axis electronics package to keep …read more

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