[REVIEW] INNOVV K5 Camera System

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By Bruce Cole


Up front, we need to identify that this review is based on a pre-release version of the coming-to-market INNOVV K5 that is identified as a Dash Cam, but in reality, should be called an “Action Cam” as it designed for and is specifically focused on the powersports market.

wBW has, over the years, reviewed virtually everything marketed by INNOVV and I have been fortunate enough to do many of them, including the original INNOVV K1, its replacement the K2, the single channel C5 system and the Power Hub variants.

Relatedly, during some spring into summer period email correspondence regarding the ongoing development of the INNOVV ThirdEYE, in having an early or pre-release version of it here undergoing testing (and a pending wBW review), some insight into the next dual channel system under development was provided.

And of course, to this professed electronics geek, the only question was – when can I get one to play with? Soon as it turned out and just before mid-October, the anticipated package arrived. And since then the INNOVV Team has been making sure that information regarding hardware and firmware enhancements along with user interface APP updates is passed along.

This is all good, especially regarding new products as it provides an early opportunity to do either a first look or full review for our readers and, offer up the (always) constructive and (always) objective feedback on form, fit, and function to the manufacturer -particularly for those products not yet formally released.

The INNOVV team is also working on developing some specific bracket options that will provide even more adaptation and fitment options regarding the installation of this new dual-channel camera system on motorcycles and other powersport platforms.

So, in appreciating the ongoing activities all the changes identified by the INNOVV K5 Team, either implemented or planned for the release version …read more

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