[REVIEW] VIOFO MT1 Camera System

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By Bruce Cole


No matter if we ride alone or ride together, one of the best, and most popular accessories used by motorcyclists as well as those participating in other powered and non-powered outdoor activities is a video camera or cameras.

And no matter where the camera or cameras are mounted – on the rider, motorcycle or detached/deployable for the airborne view, these devices can provide a virtual 24/7 and depending on the equipment and configuration, a 360-degree view of what is happening, all captured in real time for storage or streaming.

Some motorcyclists utilize a single or dual channel (or other multi-channel configurations) for singular use as a road user/traffic safety tool, enabling the rider to have stored video evidence in the event of an incident or accident; whereas others utilize these systems for concurrent applications – traffic monitoring, travelogue use, etc., for even more return on the investment.

Many motorcyclists utilize multiple devices to capture multiple or all views possible and one only needs to look at some of the amazing riding and long-term travel related videos posted by users to understand the capabilities and possibilities provided by video capture products.

Two more multi-channel camera systems are sitting here in the review queue and at least two more expected – one is a product update and one is a new offering; all good in helping keep one occupied over the cooler months of the year (no mention of the ‘w…..’ word here) that often results in less riding time…

And all of them will need to be installed on the machines residing in the home fleet garage, activities that are all part of the approach to minimize the cabin-fever aspect of life; which virtually all of us are experiencing to various degrees in our COVID-19 world; hang in there.

But while waiting for some pre-release camera products …read more

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