MO Tested: EarPeace Moto Pro Earplugs Review

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By Evans Brasfield

I’ve made no secret of my love for musician’s earplugs for hearing protection out on the road. They minimize the potential damage to my hearing while still giving close to full frequency response – not muffled frequencies, like with traditional foam plugs. Back in April, after testing a set of EarPeace earplugs, I switched to them as my go-to noise protection of choice, ending a multi-years’-long devotion to Etymotic plugs. The EarPeace earplugs stayed put more than 95% of the time while offering similar protection. So, I made the switch.

MO Tested: EarPeace Earplug Review

As with many of the recently released earplugs, the plug seals your ear from the outer world via a pair of form-fitting flanges made from hypo-allergenic silicone. Two big changes differentiate the EarPeace Moto Pro earplugs ($40) from the standard EarPeace earplugs. The first is the new shape. Now that they are slightly oval in shape, the earplugs more closely resemble the actual shape of your ear canal, and therefore, fit more snugly. If you read my review from April, I noted that the pull tab used in removing the plug was easy to get in the wrong place, making it difficult to remove them. The new shape, aside from sealing better, assures that the plug/tab is in the proper orientation every time. I have to resort to using a key to dig out my earplug much less frequently with the Moto Pros.

Oval is better by conforming more to the natural shape of the ear canal.

Along with the shape, the Moto Pro receives updated noise filters, and when you order the Moto Pros, you have a choice of the 19dB or 24dB filters. You can also buy additional filters ($30), should you wish to change them in the future. EarPeace claims that the new filter design …read more

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