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By Ryan Adams

At, we do everything we can to get our greasy mitts on the latest and greatest motorcycling has to offer throughout the year. That includes shootouts, gear testing, and single motorcycle reviews. Even in a year as fraught with challenges as 2020, our staff continued to work hard, actually doubling our normal content generation during the first half of the COVID-induced lockdowns. The self-isolating nature of motorcycling also made it easier for us to continue with business as usual when it came to testing and shooting in order to keep fresh content flowing to

Most of the time it’s rewarding – if not thought-provoking at least – to crack open the analytics at the end of the year to see what our audience was most interested in. When we first scanned the raw data, the top five motorcycle reviews based on pageviews to date showed a couple of apparent trends. Even when we looked back to average monthly views – in order to better level the parameters between reviews that had been up for 10 months versus newer ones – there are still two trends that were indisputable. You folks like small bikes, and almost anything orange.

So, which reviews for 2020 received the most attention to date? A bunch of KTMs… and one Yamaha.

  1. 2020 KTM 390 Adventure Review – First Ride
  2. 2020 KTM 890 Duke R – First Ride Review
  3. 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R Review – First Ride
  4. 2020 KTM 200 Duke Review – First Ride
  5. 2020 Yamaha XSR900 Review

That data was particularly sweet to see, considering the folks who commented recently to let us know that they were tired of seeing KTMs in our MOBOs. It would seem the vast …read more

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