Motorcycle.coms Most Read News of 2020

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By Dennis Chung

There are just a few days left in 2020, which means there’s enough time for yet another year-end list. We’ve already gone through our most read reviews and shootout comparisons of 2020, and now we continue with the most read motorcycle news from the past 12 months.’s Most Read Reviews of 2020’s Most Read Shootouts of 2020

Here, at MO, we take pride in breaking news, and frequently being the first ones, anywhere, to write about something. When the same news starts popping up on other sites around the internet, we can tell if they got that information from us, first (whether they credit us or not).

Our metrics also show how important our breaking news coverage is, as several of these scoops are also our most read posts of any kind, topping even our most popular reviews. We’ve listed our top five most read news posts below,

5. The Chinese Harley-Davidson

Looking at our top five most read news of 2020, a pattern quickly emerges: Harley-Davidson news attracts readers. That’s generally true in our industry, but especially this year, with Harley-Davidson making sweeping changes to it business strategy with the Rewire plan, and its eventual follow-up, the Hardwire.

Behold, the Harley-Davidson HD350/Benelli 350S/Qianjiang QJ350

In all its talk about its new business plans, Harley-Davidson was less forthcoming about its deal with Qianjiang Motor to produce a small-displacement model for the Chinese market. The deal was barely discussed in Harley’s Rewire plan, leading many to wonder if it was still in the works.

In late July, we found proof that the arrangement with Qianjiang was progressing, when the company registered designs for a new naked Twin with China’s intellectual property office. The design was based on the 350S from Benelli (which the …read more

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