Most Anticipated 2021 Motorcycles

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By Evans Brasfield

In a typical year, your friendly staff would have already attended several new bike introductions with others under embargo and secretly waiting on our calendar deep within the bowels of the MO Tower’s security center. (Look to the east of the Nakatomi Plaza, and there we are.) Unfortunately, the end of 2020 is pretty dry, and the beginning of 2021 isn’t looking any better for travel to test out new machinery. What this means for you, our readers, is that you’ll likely learn about how the 2021 motorcycle models perform a little later than usual because we’ll have to wait for the production models to arrive Stateside. This is a huge bummer all around. Our staff of MOrons live for this time of year.

Nevertheless, there is an end-of-year tradition that continues – despite the gloomy introduction forecast. By now, we know, either by manufacturers’ announcements or Dennis’ sleuthing, many of the upcoming 2021 motorcycles. Sure, there will be a surprise or two, but we’re reasonably sure that we know what most of the new and/or improved models will be. So, the natural thing for us to do is tell you which motorcycles we’re most excited about throwing a leg over in the upcoming year. Additionally, we’d love to hear which bikes you’re most excited about in the comments below.

Ryan Adams

890 Adventure R

I love all motorcycles, and there are a lot of new models to look forward to in 2021. That said, it’s pretty obvious I have an affinity for dirt, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of my most anticipated motorcycles of the upcoming year land in the adventure category. With the KTM 790 Adventure R dominating the middleweight adventure category for off-road going enthusiasts, naturally I’m going to be looking forward to straddling …read more

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