MO Tested: Shoei RF-1400 Helmet Review

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By Evans Brasfield

Shoei has produced motorcycle helmets since 1958. More than 30 years after Shoei’s first helmets made their way into the marketplace, I bought my first Shoei, an RF-200, during the initial year of it’s production in 1989. Before the end of its production cycle in 1995, thanks to saving me in one crash, I owned a couple of them. Since that time, I have owned at least one of every single RF model that Shoei produced. To say that I am a fan of the model line would be an understatement. A Shoei RF helmet was my most worn line of helmet until the Neotec convinced me that it was the perfect helmet for daily around town rides. Still, on most sporting rides, where I’d don a non-modular helmet, the RF-1200 was still at the top of my list. After living with the newest version for about a month, the Shoei RF-1400 continues that trend with its further refinement of the company’s popular and versatile helmet.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Review

The first thing to consider with an established – and popular – model helmet , like the RF-1200, is that Shoei didn’t need to create a new helmet out of whole cloth. Instead, Shoei presents the RF-1400 as a refinement of its predecessor. In the press documents delivered with the helmet, the concept of kaizen, a Japanese term for “continuous improvement,” is referenced, and anyone who is familiar with the RF-1200 can immediately see the heritage in the RF-1400’s profile. Still, through extensive use of Shoei’s in-house wind tunnel, the RF-1400 manages a 6% reduction in lift and a 4% reduction in drag when compared to its elder sibling.

If you are familiar with the Shoei RF-1200, you’ll immediately recognize the RF-1400.

This improved slipperiness affects the rider in two …read more

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