2021 Honda CRF300L and CRF300L Rally Announced for US

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By John Burns

Just as our man in Toronto, Dennis Chung, surmised at the beginning of December when Honda Europe announced these, Honda’s new and improved small dual-sports will be coming to America. Matter of fact, Honda says the CRF is the motorcycle industry’s top-selling dual-sport.

With both the new CRF300L and CRF300L Rally, the mission was to increase power, reduce weight and improve off-road performance – “all without sacrificing the value, reliability and styling that have played such a big part in the machine’s popularity.” While we understand that functionally these two machines are very much the same aside from the differences in fuel capacity, standard handguards and the Rally’s frame-mounted windscreen, we’ve included Honda’s full press release of both models below.

286 cc!

Additional power and torque were obtained via a 15% displacement increase – from 250 to 286 cc – while off-road performance was improved by adding suspension travel and ground clearance. Meanwhile, overall vehicle weight was reduced 11 pounds, says Honda, primarily by optimizing plate thicknesses and tubing sizes on a myriad of components with the use of Computer-Aided Engineering analysis. Styling cues are carried over from Honda’s CRF Performance line, while MSRP remains “extremely competitive.”

Begin Press Release:



Through its bodywork and red, white, black and blue graphics, the CRF300L is designed to mimic the look of the CRF Performance line, including the Baja-dominating CRF450X.

21 Honda CRF300L Action

Riding Position
The riding position has been revised to enable improved rider input and vehicle maneuverability. Handlebar sweep is increased for a more natural elbow position and lighter steering, and handlebar weights were added to …read more

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