Aprilia Announces Details For The 2021 Tuono 660

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By Troy Siahaan

The worst-kept secret in the moto world for 2021 is finally here, as we now have official information about the upcoming 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660. I say it’s the worst-kept secret because Aprilia itself teased the bike back in November of 2019, and the official photos you’ll find all over this story don’t look too far removed from the ones back then.

Based on the RS660 platform, that second word provides all the foreshadowing needed as Aprilia basically told the world’s press during the presentation for the RS (without actually saying the words) that a Tuono 660 was coming. Other bikes based on this platform are in the pipeline too – the Tuareg 660 adventure bike being the next, we assume – but let’s get back to the Tuono 660. An even more street-focused sporty-bike than the RS660, the obvious comparison will be to consider this a miniature Tuono V4 which, in case you didn’t know, is one of our favorite motorcycles.

Right From The Tuono Playbook

Like the Tuono V-Twins and V4 before it, the Tuono 660 is exactly what you expect it to be: a naked version of its fully-faired cousin, the RS660. The obvious difference is its upright bars as opposed to the RS’s clip-ons, making the seating position even more upright than the RS660. More than just a change from clip-ons to a handlebar, the Tuono also gets a slight geometry change thanks to a “different offset of the fork plate,” says Aprilia. And by eye-balling photos of the RS and Tuono, it does appear that the top triple clamp on the Tuono brings a slight change in geometry compared to the RS.

Keeping with Tuono tradition, the 660 version sheds much of the bodywork from the RS660 to give a minimal …read more

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