[REVIEW] DrySpec D78 Modular Packing System

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By Bruce Cole


Our COVID-19 world has, for many, put a major crimp in travel activities, including those motorcycle-based; but what helps to remain positive and looking ahead is that we can still plan for the road ahead. And part of this planning usually involves a packing list and along with the packing list, the manner of holding and securing the packed contents or load list.

In travelling, one usually learns, at some point in time, not to put “all the eggs in one basket” so to speak and at this one point in time, a single packed bag, with everything needed in it, will indeed be lost or damaged. My comment is, “experienced that, learned from it”.

And in having learned the lesson above early on in my travels, adopting a multiple piece packing strategy has never been regretted and while there was lots of functional luggage for other types of travels, there wasn’t much specifically for motorcycling, other than using small personal luggage pieces or trekking/climbing gear – pieces that worked but had limitations.

Thankfully, between having some good military designed gear, typically soft-sided, sometimes waterproof but very rugged and, diving gear bags that were waterproof and this mix of luggage gear kept personal and travel stuff secured and relatively protected, including dry.

Zooming ahead to present day, we are now indeed spoiled by the plethora of hard, semi-rigid or soft-sided luggage available for packing and/or carrying our gear. And without stirring up the pot regarding which form factor is best, it is sufficient to say that they all have strengths, weaknesses and for the most part, luggage truly remains a personal choice.

Over the years, no one form factor has emerged as the only or go-to solution for motorcycle use luggage and any specific layout is typically driven by the type of travel and to …read more

Source:: [REVIEW] DrySpec D78 Modular Packing System


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